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Handstand canes basic, custom branding

Handstand canes basic, custom branding

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The moderately priced platform to start training on canes.

The stable base plate (multiplex birch 24mm) offers a secure stand. The bone shape allows you to get close to the canes without standing on an annoying edge. The side stabilizers ensure high stability.

The blocks are also made of 24 mm birch plywood . You can choose between round handles (diameter 130 mm) or rectangular handles (135 x 85 mm).

The canes are made of stainless steel tubes with threads at both ends.

The threaded plates on the base  and on the blocks are made specifically for us.

You receive the handstand canes in pre-assembled individual parts. Assembly is very easy and only takes about a minute. No tools are required for this. Illustrated instructions are included.

Note: Once the handstand canes are assembled, it cannot be easily dismantled. The threads are conical, which makes a connection that is very difficult to separate. The handstand canes Basic are not suitable for changing between different heights or for dismantling for transport.

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