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personalized Handstand blocks cork

personalized Handstand blocks cork

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Enter a lettering in the Your Text area or simply upload an image in the Your Design field.

Your design is applied using modern laser engraving technology. (No colors possible). For the best result when engraving an image, make sure to upload a cropped image.

Your design will be placed at the top, center of the block.

Do you want another position or do you have any questions? Write to us and an email .

The cork blocks are our most popular handstand blocks.

Handstand blocks are a great tool for your handstand training. You can use blocks at any stage of your training.

Using blocks protects your wrists because they reduce the tension on tendons in your wrist.

You improve your balance because you get additional correction options using your fingers.

You become more independent from the ground. No matter whether it is smooth, rough or dirty, you can train anywhere with the usual grip on your blocks.

Our cork blocks have many advantages over solid wooden blocks:

  • light weight (approx. 50% lighter than wooden blocks) perfect for travel
  • a pleasant, skin-friendly surface
  • the blocks feel directly warm, not like wooden blocks that quickly dissipate hand heat.
  • Naturally non-slip on many surfaces, no rubber coating or anti-slip pads necessary
  • pretty tough
  • made from natural raw materials (not from recycled materials)
  • free of pollutants
  • environmentally friendly
  • sustainable

Anyone who has trained with handstand blocks made of cork usually no longer wants to use other blocks.

Cork blocks are particularly suitable for stacking and block walks.

Available in three variants:

  • Rectangular size L (135 x 100 x 60 mm)
  • Rectangular size S (135 x 90 x 60 mm)
  • Round (diameter 130 mm, height 65mm)

Weight: approx. 200g / piece

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