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Handstand blocks "box blocks" can be personalized

Handstand blocks "box blocks" can be personalized

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Put a lettering in it Your Text area or simply upload an image in the Your Design field.

Your design is applied using modern laser engraving technology. (No colors possible). For the best result when engraving an image, make sure to upload a cropped image.

Your design will be placed at the top, center of the block.

Do you want another position or do you have any questions? Write us an email .

Our Box Blocks – combination of stability and lightness

The box blocks are made from birch plywood in Germany. Despite their robustness and stability, they are almost as light as our popular cork blocks and significantly lighter than solid wooden blocks. This also makes them perfect travel companions.

The surface of the blocks is sanded but untreated to guarantee a good grip.

Version with practical opening

For even more functionality, we offer a variant with an opening in the base. This means you can store small items in it when traveling or have your chalk ball handy.

There have actually been situations at customs in which people were asked to open the box blocks because they were mistaken for contraband containers. You can rule this out with the open variant.

We offer the Box Blocks in two different sizes.

Size L: 135 x 100 x 60mm

Size S: 135 x 90 x 60mm

Price per pair

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