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Aerial silk cards by Martina Thaler

Aerial silk cards by Martina Thaler

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Aerial silk cards by Martina Thaler - your comprehensive training guide for aerial arts

A variety of figures and exercises

This high-quality collection of cardboard cards presents a total of 73 stunning figures in nine different categories. From the basics like ankle knots on the ground and in the air to more advanced techniques like wrapped splits and somersaults in the silk, you'll find a wide range of exercises to take your aerial arts training skills to the next level.

Clearly structured instructions

Each figure is explained step by step and illustrated with detailed pictures. The concise descriptions will help you perform the exercises correctly and ensure you continually improve your skills.

For beginners and advanced users

This work by Martina Thaler is aimed at beginners and advanced students alike. Whether you're just diving into the world of aerial arts or have already gained experience, this collection of cards offers you valuable insight and training options.

Clear structure and easy handling

The cards are numbered, categorized and color coded to allow for clear organization and easy finding of the exercises you want. They are delivered in an attractively designed A5 file folder from which you can easily remove individual tricks for your training.


Immerse yourself in the world of aerial acrobatics and experience how this comprehensive collection of exercises and figures takes your training to the next level.

Language: German



23.10 x 22.00 x 9.50 cm

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