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aerial silk, sold by the meter

aerial silk, sold by the meter

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This certified aerial silk is for beginners, advanced users and professionals

The non-slip silk is also suitable for small hands

The width of the silk is 160 cm

The silk is sold by the meter. When specifying the number, enter the desired length of the silk in meters. (Of course we deliver the silk in one piece)

Please note: the silk must be taken twice as long as your ceiling height

For practical use, please note that the silk must be used twice. Example: If the ceiling height is 6 meters, you will need 12 meters of silk. Then enter 12 in the quantity in the shopping cart. Keep in mind that additional silk will also be needed for the knot to secure the silk.

Don't forget the hook

A suitable aerial hook for the silk must be purchased separately. The hook is not included with the silk.

You can find suitable hook in our shop.


High-quality and resilient material

Our aerial silk is made of 100% polyester and has been carefully manufactured to withstand the highest levels of wear and tear. The working load is an impressive 95 KG and the breaking load is 1350 KG. Trust in the quality of SchenkSpass, a renowned manufacturer.


Custom length and color selection

The silk is 160 cm wide and can be purchased by the meter.

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