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Aerial net

Aerial net

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Creative prop for aerial acrobats

Aerial acrobatics with silk, trapeze or aerial ring (Lyra) is common, but have you ever seen artists on a net? Immerse yourself in the world of creativity with this extraordinary prop!

Exceptional versatility

This net offers a unique opportunity for artists to show their skills. Whether floating, climbing or breathtaking figures – the possibilities are endless. The unusual structure of the net can create fascinating effects that amaze the audience.

Technical details

  • Mesh structure: 40mm x 40mm
  • Dimensions: 2.80mx 2.80m
  • Choice of colors: black or white
  • Includes 2 carabiners for easy attachment
  • WLL 180 daN

Made in France by UNICYCLE

Delivery takes place directly from the manufacturer and can take 2-3 weeks




Net 40mm x 40mm

Lieferung & Returen

Delivery is direct from the manufacturer and can take 2-3 weeks

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