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Aerial acrobatics rig

Aerial acrobatics rig

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The aerial acrobatics frame, also known as an aerial rig or aerial frame, is an extremely versatile solution for quickly and flexibly creating rigging points for aerial artists.

Key features of the aerial rig:

  • Flexible and Portable: This rig provides the flexibility to safely and easily hang aerial equipment in various locations. It can be easily transported in a car and even the largest version (5 m high, 1.95 m wide) weighs only 130 kg.

  • Variable height and width: The frame's poles are available in three different lengths, allowing for a variable height from 2.00 m to 5.00 m and a width from 1.45 m to 1.95 m. The bars are numbered to avoid confusion.

  • Load tests: The frame was tested for dynamic and static loads. It can hold an adult person weighing 100 kg (or two people up to 10 years old, each weighing 40 kg) in dynamic load situations. In static loads, the load can be increased threefold.

  • Easy to assemble: The frame can be placed on a flat, non-slip surface without fixing to the floor, as long as no swinging movements are carried out. If it vibrates, it must either be weighed down or nailed down.

  • Safety features: To secure the positions, tension straps or wire ropes must be attached between the foot parts. With small deflections within the frame (maximum 20°), the weight ensures stability. In the case of larger deflections, the frame must either be weighted or secured with steel rod anchors.

  • Surface protection: The frame is available in two surface finishes: powder-coated (standard in black, other colors on request) and galvanized in silver and black. The galvanized versions are more durable, but are not suitable for permanent outdoor use.

This aerial rig offers aerial artists the opportunity to show their performances safely and flexibly in different locations. The various height and width options allow you to customize the frame to suit your needs and ensure your aerial performances go smoothly.

Made in Germany by SchenkSpass

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Steel, galvanized or powder coated


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