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Universal wall and ceiling mount bracket round

Universal wall and ceiling mount bracket round

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Ceiling and wall mount for aerial acrobatics – secure hanging point “Made in Germany”

Our ceiling and wall mount “Made in Germany” is the perfect hanging point for all aerial acrobatics products. This robust and solid holder was specially developed for use in the artistic and circus sectors.

Versatile application possibilities

The ceiling and wall mount is ideal for stretching bands, gymnastics rings, aerial silk, aerial hoops, yoga swings, hammocks, strength training systems and boxing equipment. It provides a secure connection between the ceiling or wall and your artistic equipment.

Reliable construction and easy testing

The bracket has four 17mm holes that allow it to be securely attached to the ceiling or wall using dowels. Shackles or carabiners can be attached at the bottom, from which, for example, trapezes or aerial silks and aerial hoops can be hung.

With the help of our "Safety First" test piece, the load-bearing capacity of the structure can be easily checked at any time. Depending on the desired safety factor, the mount offers a payload of 500 kg with an SF (safety factor) of 20 and a payload of 1000 kg with an SF of 10. The breaking load is an impressive 10,000 kg.

Load capacity and safety factor

In order to achieve the specified load-bearing capacity, it is important that both the ceiling and the dowels and screws used have sufficient load-bearing capacity. A safety factor of at least 7 should be considered. For example, with a payload of 200 kg, the ceiling and the dowels should have a load capacity of at least 1400 kg. For dynamic loads we recommend a safety factor of 10.

Versatile mounting options

The holder can also be attached to the floor or wall if necessary. However, it is important to ensure that the suspension is always loaded in the direction of pull.

Quality and origin

The entire construction is manufactured in Germany and meets the requirements of DIN EN 1090-2 EXC3 for welding work. The sheets used are checked for defects using ultrasound.

This ceiling and wall mount is the ideal choice for reliably and securely mounting your aerial equipment.


The ceiling mount is large and very solid. Large screws are required. Make sure this mount is right for your intended use.


Steel, powder-coated


Diameter: 25cm

Plate thickness: 10 mm

Holes for screw fastening: 17 mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Lieferung & Returen

Delivery time approx. 3-5 days within Germany

Please refer:Shipping conditions/Right of withdrawal

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