Handstand blocks for your daily training


Why handstand blocks?


Protection for the wrists | more intensive training | prepares for practising on canes


Once you are past a beginners level in handbalancing you will notice that practising handstands on the floor can be hard on your wrists. My blocks will help you to practise for longer while at the same time protecting your wrists. The grip of your fingers around the block activates more muscles in your hand than when you practise on the floor. The slight inclination of my blocks help to spread the weight evenly across your palm. This prevents excess pressure on the heel of the hand solving one of the biggest problems of practising handstands on the floor.


Once you have gotten used to the blocks you will find that the grip increases control over your balance. The grip on the blocks allows you to work harder on your balance. This means that you can save more handstands allowing you to practice more difficult moves than on the floor. The grip also activates balancing muscles that don't get used in floor practice much which helps you to fine tune and strengthen the muscles you need for balancing in general. The blocks make handstand practice easier while at the same time allowing you to work harder and for longer hours. It can be a real game changer for the intensity of your handstand practice.


If you are looking at working on canes in the long run then the blocks will be your first step towards that. It will take time for your grip and your balance to get used to the change. The blocks also allow you to experiment with different block sizes and materials before you chose a set of canes for yourself.


What will the transition from floor practise to the blocks be like?


Your hands and your balance will need to get used to the blocks. You will probably have to try a few different hand positions on the blocks before you have found “your” grip. The transition is going to take two to three months. In this time we recommend that you are still practising on the floor taking 10-15 minutes for training on your blocks per training session (assuming that you are practising for about an hour).


When do you recommend starting to practice on blocks?


You should have a solid 20 second handstand hold on the floor before starting to practice on blocks.


We especially recommend training on blocks once you are working on more demanding handstand shapes, backbends or when practising one arm handstands.


Natalie Reckert

What is the correct hand position?

Correct Position:


You want to make sure that you can put your hand flat on the block and have your thumb on one side, 2 fingers at the front of the block, and the other 2 fingers on the side opposite your thumb.

Incorrect Position!


Do not hold the block this way! It puts your shoulders in an internal rotation, which means that it will throw off the entire alignment of your body.

Which size is the right one for me?


Choosing the right size of block for your hand is very important.


That is why we have made this chart for you to guide you to your optimal block.



Put your hand flat on a surface and measure the width across your knuckles.


If you are not sure about the right size, you can send a photo with the dimensions of your hand to Natalie. She will advise you on the perfect size.


E-Mail: Natalie Reckert

Instagram: @natalie_handbalancing

your hand width
< 7 cm  XS
7 - 8 cm S
8 - 9 cm M
> 9 cm L

Handstand Blocks, wood

A pair of handstand blocks

Combination of fine, untreated woods (walnut and maple)

Special shape with a slightly inclined grip area in the front.

Anti-slip pads on the bottom for a stable stand.

Available in four individual sizes (L x W)


Size XS = 12 x 8.5 cm

Size S = 12 x 9 cm

Size M = 13 x 10 cm

Size L = 14 x 11 cm


International customers from outside the EU please send an E-Mail

59,50 €

  • Available
  • 5-8 Tage Lieferzeit / Delivery 5-8 days (Germany)

Handstand Blocks, cork

A pair of handstand blocks

from natural raw materials (no recycling material)

Special shape with a slightly inclined grip area in the front.

  • natural anti slip
  • light weight
  • skin-friendly
  • pollutant-free
  • environmentally friendly
  • sustainable

Available in three individual sizes (L x W)

Size S = 12 x 9 cm

Size M = 13 x 10 cm

Size L = 14 x 11 cm


International customers from outside the EU please send an E-Mail

40,00 €

  • Available
  • 5-8 Tage Lieferzeit / Delivery 5-8 days (Germany)